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Solace Hand & Body Lotion

This olive-derived fast-absorbing lightweight lotion features Niacinamide (Vit B3), Vit E, ECOcert certified plant extracts and COSMOS approved super hydrators to strengthen skin health. It keeps your skin hydrated for prolonged hours, leaves your skin feeling soft and moist. Solace Hand & Body Lotion is specifically designed for skin that is exposed to tropical weather with high heat, high humidity, and drying indoor air-con cooling environment at the same time. It hydrates your skin without blocking your pores. Think of it as a shot of plant powered goodness to revitalise your body. The sustainable ingredients used are as gentle on the planet, as it is on your skin. Enjoy the dewy glow and soothing scent on your body after applying Solace Hand & Body Lotion.

Net Volume: 500ml/ 16.90 fl.oz 

  • Bergamot


Customer Reviews

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Mei wen Foo
Moisturising but a lil sticky

Love the scent. Skin feels smoother too. However there r times it leaves the skin a bit sticky though the texture is pretty runny.

Thank you for your review to us. It is important for us to know our customers thoughts.

The Solace Hand & Body Lotion is made specially to be light weight for fast absorption meanwhile the COSMOS approved super hydrator extract and Niacinamide in the lotion are the functioning ingredients that hydrate skin. These are the Intrinsic function and appearance of this product. However it is not meant to be sticky. We have sent you a private message to understand more. Once again thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Tim C
Repeated purchase

My wife loves it, gentle and smell so good.
Highly recommended.

Thank you for having us and your kind review. You made our day! Always love to hear from you :) !

Best Lotion for Singapore's weather

whenever I step out from a hot shower, I will slap on lotion and stand for awhile before it dries (to prevent) stickiness. But holy molly, Omno lotion slap it on is tad watery and it dries super quickly does not have stickiness in singapore humid weather. In air condition room, skin feels soft.

The fragrance doesn't last, but is perfectly fine. Best of all, this contains Niacinamide. I can't wait to finish this bottle and restock.

Your comment made our day! The Solace Hand & Body Lotion is specially formulated to be light weight for humid weather. Together with the benefit of Niacinamide and the COSMOS approved hydrator, this lotion leaves your skin with prolonged hydration and with improved skin texture. Please enjoy!

Lloyd Tee
A true Ømno convert

This is my second purchase of Ømno products, just a few days after my first order (Body & Hand Wash + Body Lotion) arrived. It just smelled so good. I ended up buying the whole suite of Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash Lotion 1 litre refill pack and hand sanitizers. Bonus for it being 100% plant based. Highly recommended.

Thank you for having us. It's our honor to have found you. We hope to hear from you again. More scents are coming soon. Stay tune!


It’s light weight, yet moisturising

Thank you for your comment! The lotion contains 5% Niacinamide and a COSMOS certified super Hydrator extract that adds on hydration and retain moistures. Enjoy!