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Solace Hand & Body Cleanser

This pH-balanced, sulphate free gel cleanser contains Nordic Swan Ecolabel and ECOcert certified ingredients, which effectively and safely cleanses skin without drying it out. Its sustainable and readily biodegradable composition is as gentle on the planet as it is on your skin. Solace Hand & Body Cleanser also contains ECOcert certified extracts that nourish your skin. Think of it as a shot of plant-powered goodness to revitalise your hands & body.

Available in 2 sizes

Net Volume: 500ML/ 16.90 fl.oz ( bottle dispenser )

Net Volume: 1000ML/ 33.81 fl. oz ( refill pouch )


  • Bergamot


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Refreshing Scent!

First knew of this shower gel at a fitness studio, since then I knew I would get this once I finished my current shower gel. Love the scent and feel, not drying on skin and it feels so good! An affordable daily luxury, definitely repurchasing after finishing my 1L refill pack too.

Thank you for having us!. The facial grade ingredients in the Hand & body Cleanser are specially formulated to rejuvenate & hydrate your body, so to treat your body like you treat your face. Please enjoy.

Djorkaeff Goh
Great scent

The soap scent is not strong and seemed gentle on the skin. The only thing I can nitpick is the pump of the soap bottle as it is not smooth and it gets stuck after every pump

Thank you for your feedback and glad the products fit your skin. We are sorry about the pump experience and thank you for letting us know. Please allow us to send you a replacement pump and hopefully this will improve the situation.

There are certain areas beyond our control and manufacturing error in accessories like this one is one of them. We have recently enhanced the pump and hopefully this new replacement will help.

Complex scent and great product

I came across Omno while dinning at Labyrinth. Just ordered it a few days ago. Delivery was fast and hassleless. Loving the scent so far. Layered and definitely very sophisticated.

Thank you for your comments. Solace is one of our very first creations that we have with the thought of offering comfort through the scent, the combination of the cleanser texture and after-use feeling on your skin. Please enjoy.

Love the gingerly smell

First used it in orchard cineleisure after my boxing lesson. Fell in love with the smell and the smooth feeling ofter showering. Went online and purchased my first bottle! Woohoo … enjoying it every night before i sleep

Thank you for spotting us. We love the wellness floor at Cineleisure too. Solace Hand & Body Cleanser was first designed to bring comfort through the olfactory system with the combination of Asian and western herbs. We are thrilled to hear you like it as much as we do.

Farhan Shah
Body cleanser

The cleanser feels good on the skin and doesn't leave any soapy residue. It also doesn't make your skin feel dry.

Thank you for your feedback! All our cleansers contains cold-press sugar and sunflower oil derived ingredients that gives this sensation to your skin and scalp. Glad you like it