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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


At Omno, we believe everything in equilibrium. Not only from the products we make to react to the current climate changes, but being able to give back to the community where we operate is an essential goal we need to have. 


Omno is committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients in our supply chain. We work with companies who operate towards the same social, and ecological goals. Our process of sourcing includes choosing bio-based ingredients which have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to lessen dependence on fossil fuels during their manufacturing process. Depending on the product type, most of our ingredients complies with Ecocert standard, COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic), EU standard, and are also recognised by Nordic Swan Ecolabel.  

“It is not CO2 that is at the core of the climate problem, but the additional fossil carbon that we take out of the ground and which gets released in the atmosphere as CO2 or other emissions. If the inflow is prevented, the CO2 content of the atmosphere will no longer increase. The Renewable Carbon Initiative addresses exactly this core problem: Focus on phasing out fossil resources and use renewable carbon instead!“ -nova-Institut GmbH ,June 2022


In terms of our bottle packaging, we have worked collaboratively with our manufacturer to ensure our material sauce comes from rPCR -PET material and that our manufacturer possesses the technology to process. 

Our goal is to minimise paper waste as much as we can along the process. In inevitable cases, we use FSC certified paper for all our packaging boxes and stickers on these packaging boxes Meanwhile for all e-commerce boxes, the materials used are 100% post consumer waste corrugated paper. 


Since April 2022,Omno has joined Handprint to support coral fragment planting by@livingseas.conservation ( a non-profit organization) to participate in the blue lagoon project in Indonesia. The contribution comes from a portion of every sale we make which then goes to Living Sea Conservation to equip volunteer divers to plant these baby corals.

The goal of this project :To deploy 7000 Reef stars over next 2 years, enough to cover the seabed area.

The purpose:To preserve the ecosystem in the sea and marine life in the region by increasing the number of living corals in the seabed. Provide more food and nutrients to marine lives, decrease custom hazards and support livelihood of hundreds of local people in the tourism sector.

How:Every transaction going to Living Seas Conservation is made transparent to us from end-to-end, this way we are able to monitor where the donations has actually gone to. You can now witness the progress with us too. A table will appear when you put any item in the cart on the check out page.

Back by Science: Planting locations and coral species are shortlisted on the best of marine science knowledge 

Our stance:This is a part of the commitments we make to our planet. We have set aside goals to make continuous improvements towards environmental preservation.

Transparency:With every purchase with us, the contribution to the charity we support is reflected and reviewed to our every customer every time they make a purchase with us as indicated in below screenshot of our website when you check out. 

Click here to find out our real time achievement and how corals are planted in Indonesia. 


Social Responsibility Promise

Since April 2022,Omno has started working withThye Hua Kwan Moral Society. A Welfare Service by the Singapore government to provide training and job opportunities for the people with intellectual disabilities. We have rolled out a pilot employment trial since March 2022 and now we have started hiring these people within our organisation to help us in repacking, assembly, and inventory management. Together with Thye Hua Kwan’s officials, we have set aside goals to work closer together in the coming future in order to facilitate more people to integrate to our community through having them working and training with us. 

Little facts: Some of our 1L refill pouch and candle stickers are put together gracefully by these people and if you happen to see tiny flaws on the stickers, we hope you could embrace it. It would be even nicer if this may put a little smile on your face thinking that this process has been done wholeheartedly by someone always thinking to strive to perform perfectly to their best ability in their own eyes.