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November 23, 2021 4 min read


Very often, we find ourselves soaked in sweat living under the equator. Together with the humidity, our body has developed some very stubborn odor. Luckily there are products like deodorants and antiperspirants that can help us to tackle this in few ways. So, Are Deodorant and Antispirant the same?

1) Deodorants Vs. Antiperspirants

A. The Mechanism of how these 2 products work

Both work in different ways. Deodorant masks odour, while an antiperspirant reduces how much you sweat.

Deodorants contains antimicrobial properties that reduce the number of bacteria
producing odour. On a contrary, antiperspirants works by blocking your body's eccrine glands, which produces sweat. This is usually done with an aluminium-based ingredient.

When antiperspirant blocks sweat glands, it also stops odour from escaping, which reduces how badly you smell when sweating. Keep in mind that these benefits are temporary and the product may need to be reapplied for continued effectiveness.

B. Their Category

FDA categorise deodorant as cosmetic products meanwhile, antiperspirant is considered a drug. 


Deodorants are formulated to eliminate armpit odor but not perspiration. They're typically alcohol-based.When applied, they turn your skin acidic, which it less attractive to bacteria. 

Deodorants also commonly contain perfume to mask odor.


The active ingredients in antiperspirants usually include aluminum-based compounds that temporarily block sweat pores. Blocking sweat pores reduces the amount of perspiration that reaches your skin.

If over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants are unable to control your sweating, prescription antiperspirants are available.  


2) Why Deodorant Without Aluminium Salt?

A. Benefits of Deodorant without aluminium

Benefits of switching to a natural based deodorant include unclogged pores, less irritation and increased natural body detoxification through sweating. With moisturising ingredients, skin will appear healthier with natural loamy fragrances such as lavender, citrus or rosemary.

B. Deodorant Ingredient to Avoid

Aluminium! This metal is most commonly used to clog your sweat ducts and prevent sweat from escaping the glands. Although more study is required, Aluminium is believed to increase the likelihood that of genes to mutate at cellular level, increasing the risk of tumours when small amounts ar being absorbed to the skin overtime.

Tip: If you are looking for a deodorant without aluminium, make sure the packaging does not say the word “antiperspirant".


3) The Best Way to Apply Deodorants

Deodorants can be applied on skin preventing odour. Here’s the best and effective way to get the most out of the Moonatic deodorant spray.

Step 1:  Wash your skin and cleanse gently to get rid of sweat in any places.
Step 2:  Dry your skin completely.
Step 3:  Shake your Deodorant Spray and spritz on areas you tend to sweat.
Step 4:  Let your Deodorant dry and give it several minutes to set before dressing up.
Step 5:  Bring your Deodorant on the go. It can be reapplied throughout the day if you need to freshen up.


4) Deodorant Before or After a Workout?

You can apply deodorant before or after exercise, but it will be less effective if you’re currently sweating. For maximum effectiveness, apply deodorant to dry skin before you exercise. Take a shower after exercising and apply deodorant again once your skin is completely dry.


5) Where do I find Aluminium-salt free deodorant in Singapore?

The Moonatic deodorant spray, from Omno is sourced ethically and free from harsh chemicals formulated to keep the body cool. Natural ingredients of the deodorant free from aluminium salt makes it safe and Doubt Free! With citrus scents mother nature has to offer, it has fresh notes such as Sage, Petitgrain, Bitter Orange Peel, Grapefruit and Lemon Peel. To be sprayed on dried surfaces of the body focused on perspiring, it nourishes the PH balance of your skin making you feel confident without to worry about unpleasant odour. Key ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid hydrates the underarms, leaving it soft, smooth and refreshing.

Perfect for individuals with sensitive skin, the deodorant is not harsh and gentle to the spritz. The deodorant soft and light formula prevents enzymatic activity, a natural occurring bacteria that releases odour. An effective non-greasy and non-sticky formula with food grade menthol-free cooling actives, a product that is only kind to the world alongside your personal hygiene.

The feeling of purified air! An occasion free deodorant that is suitable ‘on the go’ after a workout or at the start of your morning routine. With it’s versatility, it can boost your confidence anytime making you feel relaxed or energetic.

Natural Based? We hear you and these are some questions that you might have when picking out a natural alternative.

If you love a product free from the nasties, we hope Our Moonatic Deodorant Spray gives you an insight on it’s performance and it’s natural based ingredients. For $19, you can get yourself a bottle at The bottle is sourced ethically and made with 100% recyclable plastics. Plus, it’s cruelty free together with EcoCert Certified and COMSO approved ingredients bringing out the Natural you.




Goh Lit Han
Goh Lit Han

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