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Omno Science Library


We obsessively research to choose clean ingredients based on science and facts. They are as gentle on the planet as they are on you. Most of our ingredients used are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, ECOCERT certified, COSMO approved and under USDA's Biopreferred Program. We ensure our source of information and ingredients are validated by official authorities and recognized publishers in the industries.  

Current research on some controversial cosmetic ingredients and packaging materials. 

"Eco-friendly polyacrylic acid based porous hydrogel for heavy metal ions adsorption: characterization, adsorption behavior, thermodynamic and reusability studies."
Microchemical Journal  (Impact factor 4.821)
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"Environmental fate and effects of water-soluble synthetic organic polymers used in cosmetic products."
Environmental Sciences Europe. (Impact factor 5.63)
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"Does biobased polymer achieve better environmental impacts than fossil polymer? Comparison of fossil HDPE and biobased HDPE produced from sugar beet and wheat."
Biomass andBioenergy(Impact factor 5.061)
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"The aluminium industry: A review on state-of-the-art technologies, environmental impacts and possibilities for waste heat recovery."
International Journal of Thermofluids (Impact factor 4.946)
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The science behind the efficacy and functionality of active ingredients that we use
"Glycerolic Licorice Extracts as Active Cosmeceutical Ingredients: Extraction Optimization, Chemical Characterization, and Biological Activity."
Antioxidants (Basel). (Impact factor 6.313)
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"Applications of Tea (Camellia sinensis) and Its Active Constituents in Cosmetics."
Molecules ( Impact factor 4.411)
"Therapeutic Potential of Centella asiatica and Its Triterpenes: A Review."
Front. Pharmacol., ( Impact factor : 4.400) 
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