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More about Omno

Omno is a Singapore born, Asia raised, green-based, and nature-bound company producing personal care products that focuses on sustainability & clean ingredients. Our brand is about having equilibrium between what we choose to use and how that impacts our planet.

We believe sustainability is not only a nice to have but a must-have. By producing our products locally, we effectively reduce our carbon footprint, and the production quality can be monitored and reassured within our reach. Most of our scent ingredients are extracted and distilled locally in small batches. Being sustainable also means that the ingredients we use are gentle on our planet. Without comprising, most of our ingredients are certified by various parties such as ECOcert, Nordic Swan Certificate, COSMOs, and Certified 100% Bio-based by USDA Bio-preferred Program. We reduce packaging waste as much as possible, and when using paper materials, we choose FSC certified products and suppliers with a traceable certificate number. The ink we use for printing is derived from soya beans. 

While there are many skincare product choices available for the face, the options for the body that are made with premium ingredients formulated for the Asian climate are limited. In Asia, we mostly rely on imported body care products formulated from their country of origin, displaying different climate characteristics than where we are located. For example, some countries have four seasons in a year, but we are very close to having summer all year long with tropical rains in Southeast Asia. Thus there is a significant climate difference between Asia and the West. 

Whenever the weather is cold, hot, humid or dry, our body & skin react differently to these stimuli. In Asia, the constant transit between indoor and outdoor exposes our skin to rapid temperature and humidity changes in the surrounding environment, stimulating our skin to react to these changes. For example, natural heat and humidity make us sweat. On the other hand, a change of humidity and temperature when we enter an air-conditioned environment gives a quick-drying and cooling effect to our skin and pores. 

We believe the upkeep of our body is as important as the upkeep of our face. Therefore, our body should be treated the same way our face is treated. At Omno, we develop products to strengthen body skin health so that our skin will be more resilient to environmental stimuli.

Besides using ECO-friendly ingredients, we formulate our product with premium ingredients such as nutrients, active ingredients and vitamins that are usually used on the face so that our body can benefit in the same way.

The sensory feeling of our product is a big focus. Feeling matters. We work closely with experts to develop our products to leave a natural and unforgettable scent to elevate your mood. The sense of smell, touch, and after-use sensation is part of the experience combined to promote well-being. This is to connect our body to the mind and soul. 

We believe what is inside the product requires careful thought in how it should be seen outside. This visual sense is expressed via the modern, soothing and calming monogram, Ø. In addition, we are mindful of the artistic sophistication of the brand when choosing our packaging. The packaging source has strict criteria of using either bio-degradable or recycled material (e.g. our bottles are made with 70% post-consumer resin , 30% recyclable PET material), and the printing design and font choice have also been thought through. Our font across all prints is Bodoni, designed in 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni and represented by elegant and regular strokes, yet is modern and timeless. 

The interpretation of Omno consists of double meanings. 1) it is an anagram of the MOON. The moon is known to maintain most organisms' balance and life cycle in nature. At Omno, we believe everything should be in equilibrium. Finding equilibrium in our lives is the ethos of how we make our products. 2) The Ø monogram is a sign to represent balance, harmony and minimalism in modern life. 

Being born in the unique era of 2020, the way we live has changed. Many people work from home and have discovered new ways to live while spending more time at home. Our living habits have changed, and by staying at home more, we can take time to care for our body, health, and family. We can focus on looking for food to eat that makes us feel more fulfilled and doing exercise that makes us feel better. Also, having a small getaway staycation can alter your state of mind. Our collaboration with fitnesses and food & beverage outlets is designed to elevate your mood and complete your experience when you visit these places. We hope to put a little smile on your face when you spot Omno Eco amenities in any of these places. Experience matters.