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October 07, 2021 1 min read

Did you know our sweat is not smelly at all. However it does when it is exposed to bacteria on our skin that it releases an odour. There are specific enzymes from these bacteria metabolise our sweat which then results in body odor. 


How does deodorant work to remove our body odor?

There are a multiple ways that traditional deodorants work to remove our odor odor. Some deodorant works by killing the bacterial on our skin ( but it also affects the ecosystem on our skin) so to minimise the amount of smell produced. Alternatively, there are aluminium salt containing deodorant / anti-perspirant works by reducing the amount of sweat but it is also known to block the sweat glands on your skin and contract your pores. 

Hence, scientist discovered an alternative to reduce our body odor. Instead of killing the bacteria that produces the body odor, natural deodorant works by stopping the enzymatic action through inhibiting the "sweat binding site" on the bacteria, by inhibiting this "sweat binding site", bacterial cannot metabolise our sweat hence, it cannot produce body odor. The benefit of this method to reduce our body odor naturally is that the natural deodorant allows the balance of our skin ecosystem to stay without killing them. 

Find out more about natural deodorant's ingredients here 

Goh Lit Han
Goh Lit Han

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